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Mature women seeking date in Jonesboro

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I just want to take it slow and feel comfortable enough having a conversation with you about. I believe the qualities each individual has make or breaks a relationship. Open to anything happening.

Name: Kesley
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Re: Bisexual or Lesbian Reply!

From a REAL bisexual woman! I am so with everything you said in your post! I'm sick of these closeted or 'discreet' bisexual women givin us proud bi-women a bad name!

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For this Wife seeking nsa Delavan Lake I dont and wud never deal with a 'discreet' anybody, whether they are discreet bisexual or discreet lesbian, they are a walking lying machine!! Bermuda gets fuck it will be your fault when shit hits the fan.

I would advise anyone with a discreet bi orto cut these bitches loose!!!!

They r lying to you and everybody else. You ass women need to disappear from the LGBT community!! For anybody in relations with a discreet person, find a woman who isnt afraid to be who they are, bi or.

If theyre in the closet, chances are, they are runnin circles and playin you! Too many other 'out and proud' women to be dealin with this bullshit!

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Doesn't matter how many guys or how long a woman has been with a man, if she's bisexual she will want a woman!!! And no this won't go away.

Like a straight chic likes men and a lesbian likes Adult searching online dating Bismarck, a bisexual will always want a woman. This is what bisexual means people and yes this category of people does exist, even if most bisexual women are more into women. Any man dealing with bisexual women should know the woman plays with other kitties.

If he can't get passed that then no I don't think women should stick. And this is what you see alot of.

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Women who hide this from their male lovers which is a crazy way to live. Theres no excuse for any woman in this day in age to not be able to tell their male partner they are bisexual!

People should know who they are with. N the partner should accept the woman is bi becoz bisexual thoughts just doesn't disappear.

I think most Looking for Akron wet pussy tx women are closer to the lesbian side but dont act on it like a lesbian, but out of all the bi women I know, they are alot more closer to my gay female friends than my straight female friends.