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Battle to Rule the Skies! The skies over Europe are a dangerous place, where ace pilots lead their squadrons to glorious victory or crushing defeat! Take control of dozens of the most famous fighter planes of WWI and head into the dogfight. Roll, slip, and loop to get the drop on enemy aces.

Our Review: Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol is Slow, Fun, and Informative

Most folks may bulk at the notion that if a game is slow, it will not be fun and take too much of their time. This however, is far from the truth. Much of the success that Sid Meier’s games enjoy come from the fact that players appreciate the deliberately slow pace, being able to take the time to decide upon your actions makes your turn count –instead of just haphazardly choosing an action only to regret the next turn later. The Civilization game series heavily employed this and it was a success. Ace Patrol also takes a very similar approach, and manages to adapt it to the mobile platform quite well.

Balancing Speed and Accessibility

One of the reasons why mobile gaming is so successful is the simple fact that you have the device with you more often than not. Smart phones have become pretty common items to have around no matter where you go, and filling in the free time you have on the commute, on the lobby, or any other possible vacant time you may have usually falls upon being able to play what you have installed on your device. This is why mobile games are often designed to be playable in short bursts.

Ace Patrol’s turns do not take all that long to do: you click on a few commands, and viola, turn is ready to be ended. What takes time however, is the amount of decision making you have to do beforehand. Do you have your planes charge forward, do you try flanking an enemy, do you attempt to draw and enemy into your firing range? These considerations, and many more will matter –and often determine whether you succeed in a mission or not. The game is rewarding to players who make the most of their moves –not that you have to take hours to make a turn, but putting in some thought into the matter certainly helps.

Hexagonal Grids Divide the World

The hex grid system gets a little tiring due to the fact that it is a lot less intuitive than your regular square grid. That said, we advise players to take the time to count out distances manually instead of just winging it with estimates –the last thing you want to accidentally end a plane’s turn right in an area where the enemy would be easily able to shoot it down. After a few missions however, you will get the hang of the game and determining what you need to do in order to succeed in a mission becomes a whole lot easier.

Attack missions are straightforward and require you to only think about keeping your planes intact. Flanking is quite a useful tactic as the computer AI tends to follow a set route before it decides to adapt to your strategies. Balance the offensive firepower of the flanking units and focus on taking out the enemy’s tougher planes Defense missions on the other hand, often have enemy units making a beehive straight for the target –so try to plan out how you will draw enemy fire and still keep damage to a minimum in order to succeed in the missions. The best thing to do is to have ace pilots target the toughest enemies and use maneuvers in order to land fast kills –the rest of the squad will have to keep the small fry busy.

The Ever Busy Hangar

Missions are not the only thing in the game that needs serious decision making, your flight crew must also be well chosen. Veteran pilots quickly earn status if they get enough kills, and anyone who survives enough sorties eventually gets promoted to good ranks. The important thing to remember here is that pilots are as important as the planes. Speaking of which; the planes can be upgraded, so there is no immediate need to buy the latest model unless it severely outclasses the current one you are using. Knowing when to spend resources matters; especially in Ace Patrol as credits need to be farmed a lot.

The Verdict

It is easy to pass up on Ace Patrol –especially if you think of mobile gaming as something that should not require so much planning and thinking. But that in itself is a surprisingly good way to enjoy a game. And careful planning is what makes each mission success all the more satisfying as you actually see your own plans unfold and deliver exactly the kind of result you wanted to get. Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol may not be a fast and furious action game, but it brings an equal amount of fun in a completely different package.

Download Sid Meier's Ace Patrol Game for PC at Steam.

Sid Meiers Ace Patrol Game

Download Sid Meier's Ace Patrol Game for PC at Steam.

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