Sid Meiers Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies: PC Game

Game Description

Battle to Rule the Pacific Skies! Take flight over the treacherous Pacific waters where ace pilots redefine historic World War II battles! Skillfully pilot the most iconic American and Japanese fighter planes of the Pacific War while representing the army or navy.

Our Review: Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol Pacific Skies is a Surreal Dogfight Experience

Watching something slowly unfold before your eyes is certainly a breathtaking moment, and when you are looking at something that is supposed to happen quite fast be broken down into small, easily understandable moments, the experience becomes less action packed and more educational. This is exactly what Ace Patrol Pacific Skies does to the concept of airborne combat: you see it unfold turn by turn, and you get to control every minute detail of your squad’s actions. In a way, this is precision warfare at its’ finest: no rush, no time limits, you get to determine your actions at your own pace.

Not Quite the Same

As core gamers, we are well familiar with the notion of a Sid Meier game. After countless Civilization campaigns (across various incarnations of the game), we are pretty much used to the turn based gameplay that the series offers. But that does not take away from wanting the feel of the good old Jane’s ATF games or the newer Ace Combat series: dogfights simply are made to be done in real time. Anyway, the devs at Pacific Skies still managed to churn out a pretty darn good game, so we guess that if you’re going to do dogfights as a turn based style game, then this might as well be it.

Command and Wait

The gameplay is simple, you manage your squadron, prep your planes, then sortie into missions. Missions are played out as turn based battles on a hex grid determining unit distance and movement parameters. Succeed in a series of missions and you complete a stage –then you start the cycle from the top and go back to managing your team once again. That may sound quite simple, but this game is full of various bits of detail and information that the players have to understand and grasp before venturing into the later stages. The good part is that most of the early stages allow you to get acquainted with the gameplay features and details, the rest you really have to read up on.

Planes move around the grid in 3 or less spaces per turn. If you choose to change altitude, this will decrease the number of spaces you can move to. Players must use this to get planes in proper positions and have them fly in a good formation –a good formation will allow you to engage enemy units without veering too much off your path (useful when chasing down active targets or when rushing to defend a specific unit). Take your time to also check the potential movement of enemy units as well –being able to predict your enemies’ maneuvers will often save you time and armor.

Back to Base

The game provides players with new planes as they progress along the story, but also makes the rest available by buying from the in-game shop. That said, there is not much point jumping into every new piece of hardware made available. It is often more prudent to save your money for part upgrades that improves the performance of your current plane. Also, invest a bit in ensuring that your pilots are well trained.  Increasing pilot stats is as important as having good planes, and once they reach ace status, they can unlock very important piloting maneuvers.

Maneuvers are special moves that pilots can execute in order to change the plane’s direction, speed, heading, orientation, and general direction. Having a variety of these at your disposal allows you to create new strategies and techniques for dealing with enemy squads. Most importantly, some maneuvers will make previously disadvantageous situations into something you can easily turn into your favor.

Eventually, of course, it will be time to change planes. When you do so, be sure the new one you get outclasses your current plane by a wide margin. Of course, it is hard to directly compare an upgraded machine with a newer model –just try to keep note of the base stats and more importantly, before buying a new model, check what upgrades you will have available.

The Verdict

Every so often, a game manages to break many expectations. After the massive let-down of the paywall in the original Ace Patrol game, many felt that Pacific Skies may have the same issue. Instead, this semi-sequel was released as a standalone single-purchase game that gave everyone what they liked about the original without the hassle of being hounded to acquire IAPs. Ace Patrol Pacific Skies may not have the kind of real-time edgy dogfighting battles that action oriented players are used to, but the in-depth strategic gameplay moer than makes up for it.

Download Sid Meier's Ace Patrol Pacific Skies Game for PC at Steam.

Sid Meiers Ace Patrol Pacific Skies Game

Download Sid Meier's Ace Patrol Pacific Skies Game for PC at Steam.

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