Dogfight Games Online: Warplane Combat

Play spitfire Dogfight games online at Speed Flying Games. Get in your plane and shoot down your opponents in this strategic yet fun pilot games where you control a spitfire and aim to destroy your opponent pilots.

5 Dog Fight Web Games to Burn Up the Skies

Dogfight: the Great Wardogfight the great war

If you thought that a 2D side scrolling shooter would not give you the same get-that-bandit-off-my-tail kind of excitement, get ready to be proven wrong. Dogfight: the Great War is a simple game that combines good gameplay mechanics and sharp controls to provide an exciting and addictive gaming experience. The only catch? This browser game is pretty old and the visuals are not all that impressive –but that should not prevent you from given this gem of a game a little bit of your gaming time.

While the game is presented in the typical side-view perspective of a sidescroller, the action actually happens all throughout the screen. Enemies will try to bear down on you from all directions and you must pitch, dive, and blast your way through hordes and hordes of enemy units. The AI programming is pretty well done, slowly increasing in skill and tenacity as you progress through the game. The best part of it all is that the sprite effects for shooting down and blowing up planes actually looks great to see –making the battles all the more worth it. The best part of all this is that once you are finished with this game, you can still look forward to playing the sequel which is already available.

Dogfight 2: the Great Wardogfight 2 the great war

We loved the first Dogfight game, and it comes as to no surprise that Dogfight 2 delivers the same kind of fun and gameplay that we appreciated in the original game. Like it’s predecessor, this 2D action game may not seem to be the first genre choice for plane-on-plane combat, and yet somehow it works. With your plane limited to a 2 field of movement and controls focused on acceleration/deceleration and pitching your cockpit up or down, the combat turns into something deep and skill intensive.

The developers also improved the game by adding new elements like friendly NPC squadmates, better backgrounds, smoother animations, and improved combat systems. Much like the previous game, the planes of the first world war era so expect to see your typical biplanes and blimps to fill up the stage in this epic 2D dogfight. The action gets rather confusing at times, with your plane circling around the stage in loops, but that’s where the clever fun of Rock Solid Arcade's game lies: if you can get used to the game’s physics, then outmaneuvering your foes becomes a simple matter of skill and patience.

Steam BirdsSteam Birds game

This turn based strategy game shows to use that dogfights are more than just breakneck speed battles, they can also be something akin to mind games. In Steam Birds, players manage and command a limited number of craft per stage. Planes will automatically shoot any hostile target that comes within their attacking range, and they will constantly advance forward unless told otherwise. The key is to provide the planes with the right set of instructions that would allow them to circle around the enemies and shoot down targets without getting damaged.

The action heats up in later stages as unique planes get introduced like massive gunships that have multidirectional fire, planes that expel acidic gas, and many others. The game will provide players with a set amount of planes per stage, and often with varying capabilities such as boosting speed, perform special maneuvers (like being able to make tight turns or reverse direction), or having unique weapons activated. With this limited squadron, the player must find a way to completely defeat all enemy units and still stay intact. While just finishing stages is quite a challenge, earning stars presents an even bigger goal for the more hardcore players (and completionists). Steam Birds manages to combine dogfighting combat with strategy and puzzle elements into a single cohesive gaming experience.

Visually, Steam Birds evokes images of old timey wartime maps and the various icons that appear on it –except this time, the icons are moving around on their own and are shooting bullets at each other. Watching planes explode in ball of smoke and fire after a successful attack is both visually and mentally satisfying.

Jets of WarJets of War Game

This 3D action game brings the feel of flying to the average desktop computer. No need for for fancy installers or anything else; just acquire the latest Unity 3D browser plugin and the you can instantly load up this game and jump straight into the pilot seat (of course, you will still need a decent internet connection). All that said, its is pretty obvious that accessibility is Jets of War’s main selling point as a good game, but aside from that, the controls are actually pretty tight and responsive when it comes to maneuvering your plane. Just be sure to play this on a good gaming rig as there is a bit of slowdown that interferes with the game on slower netbook devices.

While maneuvering in this game is excellent, the combat does take a while to get used to. This is particularly true with the missile lock on system as getting a good lock-on does not necessarily mean that the missiles are able to track your target easily –more than half the time, it really feels like the missiles simply travel in the straightest path away from your plane. Enemy attacks, on the other hand, are a lot more accurate so expect to be engaging in evasive maneuvers a whole lot.

As a browser game, the visuals for Jets of War are astonishing. From the various plane designs to the way the backgrounds are nicely rendered, there are plenty of details for players to appreciate. The fast paced battles do tend to keep player attention on the planes more than anything else.

World of War PlanesWorld of War Planes game

Made by the same folks behind World of Tanks, World of War Planes provides players with plenty of opportunities to pit their piloting skills against players across the world. This visually stunning game may just a browser title, but it is one that has plenty of gaming fun to offer to players. Right off the bat, this online game is strictly for competitive gaming. The lack of a single player mode may be a serious turn off form some players, but the thrill of competing against human skill instead of an AI is certainly something to look forward to.

The thing that makes's World of War Planes so good is the fact that the game balances out matches for players. Instead of having to face veteran players with upgraded planes, new players get to try out the game against other new players –this system implemented balancing setup tries to promote fair play among players. Though despite this, it is possible to be fighting against long term players who have opened new accounts.

Visually, the graphics for World of War Planes are stunning. The different planes are each labeled and decaled properly, and some even get custom markings. If you plan on playing this game for a long time however, we suggest getting plenty of practice as the existing community of players are not only skilled, but are also highly competitive. Shelling out a bit of cash to gain a bit of an advantage also helps (especially with getting new planes), as long as you do not use it too often.