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DCS F15C Fighter JetDCS F15C Game

The F-15C module of DCS World is no joke when it comes to flight simulation - it's realistic, it's highly detailed, and it takes hours to learn to simply be able to get your aircraft in the air, let alone to actually land the aircraft or successfully take out hostile targets in the distance. Advanced players won't find anything new here, but these tips for DCS World's F-15C module will allow any beginners to familiarise themselves with the essentials of the module including take-off, landing, basic flight manoeuvring, combat basics, and the odd miscellaneous tip or two to help you along your way.

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Any old school flight sim fan worth their salt would have Jane's F/A-18 on their list of favorite flight simulation games. For a game released more than a decade ago, that's a pretty big feat -and it is not that surprising since it truly is a good game. Despite the flat and heavily dated graphics (relatively speaking), the gameplay alone is so in-depth that it still counts as one of the most loyal-to-realism flight simulations games ever made. Of course, the game was made and designed to be played by hard core enthusiasts which means that those new to the genre will want to do some serious reading before picking up this game.

Jane's F/A-18 Simulator is Still One of the BestJane's F/A-18 Simulator Game

With more than 10 years of existence under its belt, Jane's F/A-18 Simulator stands out as one of the most well loved flight sims -ever. And that is well deserved. This penultimate jet fighter simulation with the Jane's tag packs in all the best technologies of its time (when it was released, the graphical details it had were then-considered to be outstanding but that was nothing compared to the amount of detail it put into the physics used by the game), and until today still sets a pretty high standard for other flight simulation titles. This jargon-heavy game may seem daunting to new flyers, and for good reason, the Jane's series of flight simulators have always been aimed to delivering a realistic flying experience.

Keeping Up with the Times

Before we can get on with how impressive the game is, let us skip to the important part: getting it to run on a modern computer. Compatibility issues are not the only concern here. The game was created during an era where their highest resolution barely even exists as an option for modern operating systems. The good thing is that thanks to its success with the gaming community, Jane's F/A-18 Simulator has garnered a solid following and has gotten various updates and add-ons from fans. We highly recommend looking out for Team Super Hornet's add-ons for the game (particularly the main mod that increases the resolution and also, we recommend getting the new maps and missions to further expand the gameplay experience; their custom made training mission is a good choice for new players).

The Good and the Bad

Now that we have got the technicalities out of the way, let us talk about the graphics. This game came out early in 2000, and that means most of the visuals you will see here were developed around 1999. That is more than just "dated", it is enough to call this game retro. But despite the blocky polygon models and the flat textures, the visuals actually look pretty decent. So how did it manage to hold up with the test of time? Sheer functionality is what makes it good.

Sure, the game looks pretty bland in terms of flavor, but the way you can easy zip in and out of cockpit view, glance around the dials on the instrument panels, and observe your plane in relation to the ground or skies as you perform maneuvers midair will tell that this virtual plane is soaring in the skies completely under your control.

Learn Your Stuff

The tough part about this game is that it does get pretty alienating. This is akin to a person who has no idea what soccer is but still tries playing a fantasy manager game anyway: getting slammed by a ton of technical terms and jargons. In Jane's F/A-18 Simulator, this is made most evident in the audio clips that play whiel you are flying; AWACS and the other friendly pilots will be giving you constant information about the current state of the skies (or the battle). If you have no idea what the phrases mean, then you will lose out on the experience. At the same time, this critical information cannot even be referenced in the game's already-huge manual.

There are a ton of other small details about the game, and yes, we highly recommend going through the entire manual to figure things out (players will want to research beyond the manual on the proper use and application of the different types of weapons payload that can be used).

This is not a high-speed-action kind of game, but it will teach players plenty of things about aerial combat that is never represented properly with arcade style shooters. From complex landings, to watching out for fuel, and even counting ammunition, Jane's F/A-18 Simulator is one of the most complex flight sim titles ever made, IGN's review on Jane's F18 Simulator backs this up, -and it will stay as such for many years to come.