Flying Lessons in New York & Near By

Have you always dreamed of earning a private pilot's certificate so you could fly recreationally or save a little money on air travel? If so, there are a number of flight schools available in the greater New York City area. The restricted airspace over Manhattan prevents aviation schools from operating there, but there are flight schools on Long Island and other locations.

We will profile two of those schools in just a moment. Before we do however, it is important to understand that there is really no such thing as a pilot's licence. It is actually a private pilot certificate that the FAA officially recognises. There are two types of certificates: Part 141 and Part 61. Both certificates will allow you to fly private planes (not for hire) in most countries. It takes about six months and $7,000 to earn your certificate in New York.

Here are the two company profiles we promised you:

Academy of Aviation – Farmingdale, Long IslandFlying Lessons in New York: Academy of Aviation

Republic Airport in Farmingdale is the home to the Academy of Aviation, a well-established flight school that has been around for about 10 years. The school started as a small, one-man operation owned by a flight instructor who is passionate about teaching others to fly. In the years since, the Academy of Aviation has grown into a sizeable operation employing 30 full and part-time instructors operating a fleet of 15 planes.

The Academy of Aviation considers themselves one of the best flight schools on the East Coast because of their professionalism and desire to provide a unique and enriching experience to each student. They are a flight school committed to teaching you thoroughly, without adding unnecessary time that costs you money.

  • Facilities – The Academy operates out of the main terminal room of Republic Airport. The airport is situated nicely between JFK and Spadaro, providing students with exposure to aircraft of all sizes. The Academy's owners believe that once you learn to fly in and out of Republic, you will be able to fly anywhere in the world. The airport provides 11,000 feet runways and grass strips, as well as access to mountainous regions within minutes. It is uniquely positioned to challenge the student with a multitude of complex environments for the optimal training experience.
  • Training Programmes – The Academy of Aviation offers both private pilot and commercial aviation courses. The private pilot course is designed to help individuals earn private certification that will enable them to fly for leisure or personal transportation. Students can add more certifications, like instrument certification, for an additional fee. The commercial pilot programme provides additional training that will improve the chances of the student getting a job in the commercial field. Commercial employment does require further training as required by both the law and company policy.
  • Training Costs – The initial training cost for the basic private pilot certification is just over $7,500. An additional charge of $7,600 applies to instrument training for private pilots. Commercial pilot programmes start at $5,400 and can run as high as $75,000 for First Officer training.

The Academy of Aviation is currently accepting new students in all of their courses. Their training includes classroom work, flight simulation, and in-air instruction with certified pilots.

Heritage Flight School – Ronkonkoma, NYFlying Lessons in New York: Heritage Flight School

The Heritage Flight School is located on Long Island in a town known as Ronkonkoma. Although the location sounds like something you might find in Hawaii, rest assured Heritage is all about training to fly in the greater New York area. The company was founded on the philosophy that piloting is a calling rather than just desire. Company founders believe that calling applies to anyone who has ever dreamt of taking to the skies as a pilot. Heritage is dedicated to ‘keeping the dream alive’.

The company is staffed by FAA certified pilots and professional support staff who take their responsibility to students and their families very seriously. They teach not only the mechanics of flight, but the history behind it as well. If you are looking for a private pilot certificate, heritage might be a good school for you. Heritage Flight School offer an introductory lesson for just $129 – including actual flying time at the controls!

  • Facilities – Heritage Flight School is located at the Islip MacArthur Airport on Long Island, also known as Long Island MacArthur Airport (LIMA). The airport serves approximately 3 million residents who want to avoid La Guardia and JFK. One of the advantages of training in Long Island is the close proximity to New York City and the mountainous regions of Albany and points north. The extremely congested airspace in and around the island provide student pilots with the experience they need to fly anywhere.
  • Training Programmes – Like the Academy of Flight, Heritage provides training for the private pilot certificate and commercial aviation. Students interested in commercial training can take advantage of introductory courses for smaller planes, or choose more advanced programmes, depending on their needs. Their professional pilot programme includes training that earns the eight certificates necessary to pursue a job in aviation.
  • Training Costs – Heritage does not publish training costs on their website, with the exception of their $129 introductory offer. However, they do offer financing to qualified students. We assume their prices are in line with most other New York-based flight schools, meaning about $7,000 for the initial private pilot certificate. Financing is arranged through the company's partnership with Pilot Finance, Inc.; a Heritage financing administrator guides students through the process of applying for a student-flying loan.

Earning your private pilot certificate in New York is relatively easy thanks to the availability of a good number of quality flight schools. If you have ever been interested in learning how to fly, any one of the local schools is available to help. Before you choose a flight school however, we recommend you do your research. You want to train with a school that has a good reputation, a good safety record, and a long list of satisfied customers.

Long Island Flying – Ronkonkoma, NYFlying Lessons in New York: Long Island Flying

Long Island Flying is located at MacArthur Airport Long Island and offers personalised one to one flying lessons, low cost lessons and well kept modern planes where FAA qualified instructors will teach you all you need to know in order to become a pilot by using a programme tailored to your specifications.

Long Island Flying cater for Private Pilot Licenses, Commercial Pilot's Licenses and Instrument Pilot Qualification, while prospective students can try an introductory flying lesson to experience at first hand just what it feels like to take a plane into the air.

Safety is paramount when flying and Long Island Flying take this very seriously ensuring that their planes are well maintained, while also introducing new planes at appropriate intervals. Qualifying as a pilot takes on average sixty hours flying time and Long Island Flying instructors charge $50 per hour. More information regarding how to book a lesson can be found via the Long Island website.

Nassau Flyers – Ronkonkoma, NYFlying Lessons in New York: Nassau Flyers

Nassau has been teaching pilots to fly for over forty years and offer lessons for begginers through to qualified pilots who wish to become advanced. All Nassau lessons involve ground and flying instruction, while Nassau will customise a programme to suit your needs.

Lessons last two hours and students can pay for lessons as they take them so avoiding depositing large amounts of cash in advance. Planes in their fleet include Cessna, Cirrus, Husky, Light Sport and Piper, while Nassau also has a great flight simulator too.

Nassau offer a "first flight" in order for you to decide whether you want to continue to learn, while there are a few items you will need if you decide to book more lessons which are, headset, navigation map, aviation calculator, protractor, knee board and a flight bag. Information regarding how to book a lesson and rates can be found at the Nassau website.

Take Flight Aviation – Ronkonkoma, NYFlying Lessons in New York: Take Flight Aviation

If flying is your dream then Take Flight Aviation's introductory flight will let you know if you are made of the stuff pilots the world over are made of. Take Flight cover Private and Commercial Pilot Lessons, Sport Pilot Training, Instrument Pilot Certificate and Alien Flight Training.

Located at Orange County Airport New York, that has long wide runways perfect for training, Take Flight Aviation has mature experienced flight instructors who have completed thousands of hours flight time in a variety of aircraft. Take Flight also has an elite flight simulator that offers realism on a huge scale for trainees to experience, while further information regarding costs can be accessed at their website.