Flying Lessons in LA, Los Angeles & Near By

The idea of flight has fascinated man for hundreds of years, if not thousands. Being able to go where the birds go, completely unfettered by obstacles, is a dream that has led more than one person to take flying lessons. And in Los Angeles, flying lessons are readily available at numerous locations throughout the metro area. You can train in Santa Monica, Van Nuys, Long Beach, or at a number of other regional airports in the area.

Most flight schools in the United States offer training for the private pilot certificate under Part 141 or Part 61. These two types of certificates are recognised by the FAA, enabling you to fly privately for leisure or transportation. The certificates are recognised in most countries around the world as well. However, be advised that a private pilot certificate does not enable you to work in the aviation field. You will need to undergo commercial training in order to do that.

To give you an idea of what is available, here are two companies providing flight lessons in the Los Angeles area:

American Flyers – Santa Monica, CaliforniaFlying Lessons in LA: American Flyers

American Flyers is a national flight school with operations in New York, California, Illinois, Texas, and Florida. Their Los Angeles school is based in Santa Monica, just west of the downtown area. What separates American Flyers from the competition is their focus: they only train pilots. By focusing on nothing else, they have managed to graduate more pilots than any other flight school in the world since their founding 75 years ago.

Another interesting thing about the school is that they offer online courses for certain portions of their classroom training. This provides students a great way to save some money and complete introductory courses without having to travel to and from the school. Availability of online courses varies according to specific courses of study.

  • Facilities – The American Flyers Los Angeles school is located at the Santa Monica Airport. Their location on the Southern California coast allows them to teach pilots a number of important skills, including flying by instruments over open water. In addition, their close proximity to Los Angeles international gives the students a feel for what it's like to fly in very congested areas.
  • Training Programmes – All American Flyers flight schools offer individual training for the private pilot certificate. Students can add additional certifications as desired, at an additional cost. For those interested in moving onto commercial piloting, the school offers a number of career tracks that can train you to fly airplanes of all sizes. They even offer a bachelor of sciences degree in Human Factors in Aviation.
  • Training Costs – American Flyers does not publish training costs on their website except for their $169 introductory flight offer. They do invite new students to find out how to save thousands of dollars on the training courses of their choice.

American Flyers is currently enrolling new students in Santa Monica. They invite you to join them on the first Saturday of every month for an open house featuring an aviation seminar and a free barbecue lunch. If you have ever wanted to find out about learning to fly, this sounds like a great opportunity for you.

Encore Flight Academy – Van Nuys, CaliforniaFlying Lessons in LA: Encore Flight Academy

The Encore Flight Academy offers private and commercial pilot training with a fleet of 12 aircraft and two flight simulators. The aircraft fleet includes five Diamond DAs, five Piper Warriors, and two Piper Senecas. Their flight simulators are both FAA certified; one of them offers full motion simulation for an ultra-realistic experience. Encore makes use of their flight simulators as part of the syllabus for all courses.

Encore was founded in 2005 by a group of pilots interested in teaching others about the excitement and joy of flying. They offer an introductory Discovery Flight, which they estimate has been enjoyed by more than 7,000 customers to date. You are welcome to sign up for your own Discovery Flight as well. Should you decide to take lessons, all of your instructors will be experienced and FAA certified.

As you would expect from a world-class flight school, Encore provides introductory training for the basic private pilot certificate. Pilots who want to earn instrument certification can do so for an additional charge. Commercial pilot students can take advantage of number of courses that would qualify them for work in the aviation industry. This includes a multi-engine rating package that would prepare a student to go on to more advanced training.

  • Facilities – The Encore facilities are located at the Van Nuys airport, considered the busiest general aviation airport in the world. They are the only flight school at Van Nuys after having purchased a number of other flight schools located at the airport. Their location allows them to provide students with a world-class training programme exposing them to a number of challenging opportunities afforded by their close proximity to Los Angeles international.
  • Training Programmes – For the pilot interested only in a private pilot certificate, Encore offers Part 141 and Part 61 training. Either certificate allows the private pilot to fly visually for leisure and personal transportation. Instrument flying requires an additional certification. Those interested in commercial piloting can go on to training in Part 121 and Part 135 courses. Encore offers a full commercial pilot training programme package that will prepare the student to seek work in the aviation field
  • Training Costs – Private pilot training starts at $11,700 and requires additional aircraft rental at $99 per hour. This is fairly high when compared to the industry average of about $7,500. However, you get a lot for your money with Encore – including plenty of time in one of their flight simulators. The complete commercial pilot package includes everything for $49,600. Training programmes for additional certifications vary in price.

Encore Flight Academy welcomes students interested in becoming private or commercial pilots. Any additional information you require can be found on their website or by calling the school directly.

Santa Monica FlyersFlying Lessons in LA: Santa Monica Flyers

Santa Monica Flyers is located at Santa Monica Airport Los Angeles and offers reasonably priced flying lessons for both private pilots who are first time flyers and commercial pilots who wish to become more advanced. Santa Monica states that they can train a pilot in twenty hours rather than the usual forty hours using modern, fuel efficient, low maintenance aircraft. This applies to the Sports Pilot License only.

Discovery flights are available at Santa Monica Flyers where for $100 would be pilots can experience what its like to fly a plane, along with a certified instructor of course, while asking any questions so calming any anxieties. Santa Monica has three qualified flight instructors with from 1,400 flying hours through to 6,000 flying hours under their belts.

This flying school uses the SportCruiser aircraft which is one of the safest and most stylish planes on the planet. This plane has state of the art equipment and instrumentation on board and is economically efficient too. Further details of how to book a lesson can be viewed t the Santa Monica Flyers website.

ATP Flight SchoolFlying Lessons in LA: ATP Flight School

ATP offers an Airline Career Pilot Programme that comes at a fixed cost in the shortest time possible. ATP has been training pilots for the last thirty years, while nine regional airlines offer agreed job placements to pilots who train here.

ATP has the largest multi engine training fleet worldwide, while cost quotes are fixed at the time of issue. Flight instructors are highly qualified in their field and offer a wealth of experience and knowledge to students that is unsurpassed by any other company.

Ratings and Certification courses offered here include Instrument Proficiency Checks, Flight Reviews and ATP Written Tests. Introductory Training Flights are offered so pilots can see what is involved when training with ATP, while aircraft simulators are also facilitated by this company.

Mach 1 AviationFlying Lessons in LA: Mach 1 Aviation

Mach 1 Aviation is the Platinum Cirrus Training Centre and Flight School in Los Angeles and is located at Van Nuys Airport. Services offered here include Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument, Cirrus Transitions, while aircraft include Cirrus and Cessna's as part of their permanent fleet.

Mach 1 Aviation also has a new FAA approved flight simulator that features configurations for the Cessna 172/182/206 and the Cirrus SR20/SR22/SR22T. The Los Angeles Flight school provides great facilities on the ground too including a pilots lounge with flat screen tv, use of a PC, coffee and tea facilities and an upper floor conference room.

Further details of how to book lessons or if you have a query please visit the Mach 1 Aviation website.